Exceptional people

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The changing landscape of the construction industry demands that professionals be proactive in driving change. We can manage your development instead of merely building it. ELMAAZ Construction has a growing reputation for responsiveness.

ELMAAZ Construction delivers a diverse range of complex commercial and residential projects. Our people deliver exceptional client service and are driven by decades of experience in the construction and property development industries.

The company is behind projects such as Park Rose Apartments Homebush and The Albert Chatswood.

ELMAAZ Construction is a solutions focused organisation that prides itself on being an extension of your team. We offer professional and personal engagement throughout all projects.

We approach all projects in a methodical way. ELMAAZ Construction is with you from inception right through finance approvals, council certificates, material selection, engineers’ designs and approvals. We ensure we see your project through right to the end.

At ELMAAZ Construction we listen. We have the energy and enthusiasm to tackle your challenges. We pride ourselves on finding appropriate solutions to your projects ensuring they are delivered to your specific requirements.


Our philosophy

The importance of sincere relations in the construction industry cannot be underestimated. From engineers to architects and quantity surveyors, ELMAAZ Construction is committed to fostering genuine long-term professional partnerships.



The Director is an entrepreneur. He brings a high level of enthusiasm coupled with sound business acumen to ensure the success of your project. With a strong strategic focus we also ensure we do not lose sight of detail.

“Building strong relationships is integral to the success of a project.”

ELMAAZ Construction brings a totally personal approach to its clients. We strongly believe this people focused methodology is the key to our combined success.



We use the latest cloud-based systems and technologies coupled with leading industry software to support the effective delivery of your projects.

Our business demands speed, however being busy is not what we mean, we use technology to automate what we can. Allowing our employees to work smarter, resulting in being process-driven in every area of the business.

We have developed precise information on costs for the design and development of virtually any construction project. Our investment in technology includes JOBPAC which is a total software solution integrating workflow, document management, job costing and financial accounting as one example.

Furthermore, we have optimised the benefits of cloud-based systems making data, document and information relating to the construction process available on demand and tailored to our clients’ preferences.